This paper is a study about formation of commercial strategies by producers of honey and its sub product from the Southern area of Rondônia State in Brazil. This region is the leadingproducerof honey and honey by-products in Rondônia State. This study was based on the theory of the strategic formation dimensions, which was adapted to the agribusiness peculiarities. This paper’s aim is to identify the strategies that affect the beekeepers’s commercialization process in Southern Rondônia.

Keywords: Smallholder farming; Agribusiness; Amazon rain forest region; Comercialization; Strategy; Honey

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SOUZA, J. A. ; SOUZA, E.F.M. ; MODRO, A. F. H. ; PEDRO FILHO, F. S. ; PORTO, W. S. . Strategies of selling focused on beekeeping in Rondônia, brazilian amazon forest. Review of Research, v. 5, p. 1947, 2015